Shipping Your Gift

Shipping food can be tricky! Here are some tips to help your gift arrive in the best condition possible.

1. Do not mail highly perishable foods or foods that need to be kept refrigerated.

2. Be sure bottled, canned, or jarred items are tightly sealed and in containers that won't easily break. If necessary, wrap tightly in bubble wrap.

3. All foods should be sealed in airtight wrap before putting them in a gift container. If there are moist foods, wrap them separately from any crisp ones to help preserve textures.

4. Package all foods tightly into gift containers with little headroom. Fill unused space with crumpled wax paper if necessary.

5. Breads and pastries can be baked and shipping in disposable tins if sealed in plasted wrap.

6. Place heavier items towards the bottom of box, and keep items toward the center. Fill remaining space with packing peanuts or bubble wrap.

7. Make sure your package is clearly labeled with a return and shipping address.